Every Time I Go To HarlemEMILY DUFF Maybe In The Morning


Changes In My LifeAll In by Dave Fields

drums recorded @ House Of Soule


5 SpotGo There / Scott Sawyer


"Sweet Little Lass" DAG (J.Custer, 1994)


"Righteous (City Pain)" DAG (J.Custer, K.Soule, 1994)


"Ruin You" DAG (J.Custer, 1998)


"Worldspinning" DAG (DAG, 1998)


"Gimme a Call" PKM (Gardner, Soule, Watson, 1982)


"I Can't Stop" PKM (M.Gardner, P.Gardner, Soule, 1985)


"I Live For Your Love" Nantucket (T.Redd, 1979)


"Quite Like You" Nantucket (T.Redd, 1978)